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2010-06-15 11:34:55
Who Says Real Estate Isn't a Dangerous Profession?


I know at this moment you are probably shaking your head, but I am here to convince you otherwise.  Connecting buyers with homes since 1998 has given me some interesting insights—the following is one of my favorites.

I met my clients at a home that I had hoped would be “the one”.  As we entered the home, we heard loud barking that could only come from not one large dog, but two LARGE dogs.  This was a little concerning.  In real estate, the listing agent usually will let you know about animals: things like what they are, where they will be, and if they are likely to eat you.

Being the talented buyer’s agent that I am, I proceeded to show them the home as professionally as possible while we listened to the delicate background noise of dogs working themselves into full out fury.  (You are probably guessing that there was nothing delicate about it.)  Knowing that one of the decision makers for my client was a well-laid out mud room, we headed in that direction.  However, it was at this location that the background noise was louder.  The entrance to the garage and the entrance to the mud room had doors leading to them that were right next to each other.

My quick-thinking mind processed where the dogs could be.  Certainly they were in the garage; they most likely weren’t in the mud room.  At this point, the dogs have become silent – dead silent.  My heart sped up as I reached for the mud room door.  I would only open it slightly and look inside for the ferocious animals; if they were not there, we could go inside and get a good look and make an appointment to see the garage later.  So ever so carefully, I opened the door.  I was right the dogs were in the garage!  At this point, I opened the door wide only to have TWO HUGE dogs running out.  Oh, my heart sank into my stomach.  Out came a Rottweiler and a Pitbull Mix; aren’t these the kinds of dogs that can eat children in a single bite?  We were going to die; and if we didn’t die I was surely going to be sued.  Either way, life was about to be over!

My client was a very large man and he had his girlfriend with him to help make the purchase decision. As the dogs ran out barking, she immediately commanded us to not look at them.  I had the luck to have my very own “dog whisperer” with us.  We avoided eye contact and held very, very still as the dogs jumped up and down on my client.  My mind was going a thousand miles an hour, but my dog whisperer kept her cool.  She worked her magic and the ferocious beasts were no longer jumping on us or looking like they might maim us.

We worked our way out of the tiny hallway (it probably wasn’t super small, but it felt claustrophobic with three adults and two gigantic beasts!).  It was at this point that my clients wanted to see the rest of the home.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?  I wanted out; however, we always do what is in the best interest of the client.  I wanted to throw up, but we continued to the basement with our escorts. 

To my relief, the clients decided they were ready to see the next home on our list.  YEAH!!! We quickly made it up the stairs and out the door. I even made sure to lock the home up; mentally making note that I was going to have a very frank discussion with the listing agent. (NOTE:  something equivalent to a volcano explosion.)  We made it to our vehicles only for me to realize that in all the pandemonium; I had dropped my keys somewhere in the now secure home.  This included the electronic key pad that opens the lock box where the now secure key was deposited. Not that I wanted to go back in the home with the two guards.  No way!  This can’t be happening! Can you think of any more fitting way to end the scariest showing of your life? 

Think real estate can’t be dangerous?  You just haven’t been in it long enough!


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